Adventure History

Your adventuring career started where many adventuring campaigns begin: in Sharn, the City of Towers. An agent of house Cannith, Shevonne, proposed to you a mission: to recover lost Schemas (arcane creation blueprints) of the Giant empire of Xen’Drik.

First, the adventurers were sent to the sewers beneath Sharn to the site of an ancient house Cannith forge. In this forge they found the first schema. Before they could return to aboveground Sharn, however, they were ambushed by Glaive, an agent of the Lord of Blades. The adventurers were able to defeat Glaive and return the schema to Shevonne. It was clear, however, that they were not the only ones seeking the Schemas.

Next, the adventurers were dispatched to Droaam to seek information on the second Schema. Upon locating said information, they journeyed to the Mournland, where they discovered an abandoned research outpost and the second schema. Along the way, they battle agents of the Emerald Claw, who were intent on recovering the designs for themselves. Ultimately, the adventurers prevailed, and brought yet another schema back to Shevonne and house Cannith.

The adventurers’ final mission brought them to the continent of Xen’Drik, where they explored the ancient Giant ruins in search of the third and final schema. However, upon arriving at the site, they discovered that the site had already been looted by both the Emerald Claw and Lord of Blades, who were working in concert. They also discovered the dire plan of the groups: to create a large Warforged army in order to take over the five nations and impose a new rule upon the nations of Galifar. These plans were thwarted when the adventurers returned to Khorvaire and shut down the new Genesis Forge that the combined agents of the Emerald Claw and Lord of Blades had established.

Your great deeds have brought you to the attention of King Boranel. You have also garnered the favor of House Cannith. Thanks to your heroism, King Boranel has decided to appoint you as honorary defenders of the realm of Breland. House Cannith, in cooperation with house Lyrandar, has decided to reward you for your efforts with one of their brand-new airships, a Vajra-class vessel. This combination of circumstances has placed you and your adventuring group in a very poweful position, with the ability to travel freely through Breland and Zilargo, and the ability to exert your influence over the future of Khorvaire.

The direction your deeds will take Breland is now entirely in your own hands. Perhaps you will create order and peace by acting as a peacekeeping organization. Perhaps you will give into greed and desire and sell your services to the highest bidder. Perhaps you will lead Breland to war once again, and instigate what none think possible: the renewal of the Last War in Khorvaire. Your destiny, and perhaps the destiny of all of Khorvaire, is now in your hands.

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Adventure History

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