Session 5: The Glass Plateau

Day 3, morning to afternoon; Dragonroost, Zilargo to Making, the Mourneland

While getting repairs and provisions at Dragonroost, we are contacted again by Vera, bearing thanks for the Ardev situation and three new missions. The first, contracted by the government of Breland, is to escort an envoy to Droaam from Wroat to Greywall. The second, contracted by House Tharask, is to fly in and aid their mines in the Byeshk Mountains in the north of Droaam. The third, contracted independently by Baron Colane of Baran’s Keep in Breland, is to aid him in adding a rare animal to his menagerie. While everyone wants to head off to Baran’s Keep immediately, Shevonne is worried about not following through on her House’s errand to the Mournland. Shevonne goes and consults Heralee d’Cannith, who informs her that the errand is indeed urgent. Apparently the first Genesis Forge at Making, in the heart of the Glass Plateau, has been dug out by someone or something. Annoyed but troubled, Shevonne returns and persuades the group to go to the Mournland next.

Arriving at the Glass Plateau we are at first confused as to how to locate Making, buried under half a mile of solid glass, but then Ansel blows away the magical mist and allows Miri, Malfel and Shevonne to locate the city. A hole has been chipped away into the glass, revealing a tunnel into the caves below Making. Several machines around the outside reveal Warforged must be behind this; their glass-cutting blades are left behind, which Arcady and Ansel load up on the ship to be used later. Channa, Shevonne, Miri and Malfel descend the slick tunnel and eventually arrives at a construction bay deep under Making. A Warforged Titan, almost complete, is being produced by another Warforged; four more guard the entrance, along with an automaton. We take out the Warforged running the machine before the Titan is completed, and then fight a long battle against the others, eventually killing all but two of the lesser Warforged, who flee up the tunnel…



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