Session 4: Trolling Kren

Day 2, Night; Greywall Mountains, Breland

Arcady continues to attack Warlord Kren, and is surrounded by Kren’s two troll minions and his firebreathing drake pet. Malfel, Ansel and Miri rush into the fray, and with some trouble we manage to subdue Kren. The trolls, who turn out to have magical fire resistance, are a bit harder to deal with, but we manage to kill them, and then finally the drake, although it drives us nearly to collapse. As trophies (and artifice ingredients) we skin the trolls and the drake of their fire-resistant hides, and strip an unconscious Kren of his armor. We notice that under his eye patch, one of his eyes is gone, replaced by a mess of black veins.

We obtain: two fire-resistant Troll hides; one very fire-resistant Drake hide; one Steadfast Amulet +2 (goes to Miri); one set Black Iron Armor +2 (goes to Arcady); one Tyrant’s Greataxe +3 (enchantment goes to Arcady; greataxe remains unused); one pair Sandals of Precise Step; one Cloak of Survival (goes to Channa?); three Scrolls of Fire Patch (go to Shevonne and Phanuel to make bombs); 8,000 gp (ANYTHING ELSE?)

We free the gnolls Kren had tied up. One of them, a good speaker of Common named Heehan, thanks us profusely and helps us scour the tents for more treasures (see list above). We then heal up and take the unconscious Kren off towards the sounds of battle.

We find the rest of our group, along with Yeekhan’s gnoll army, victorious. Kren’s forces defeated, Yeekhan desires to kill his former employer; we agree, but first attempt to interrogate him. He reveals some information about the Blind One, which triggers Phanuel’s memories of a cult that terrorized Breland several hundred years ago. The Blind One they worship was never discovered, and does not appear to map onto any currently known member of Eberron’s pantheon. They did hunt down eyes, as well as mutilate or remove their own for extra powers. Kren threatens that the world will end with a rain of flesh, but other than that gives us no further information. Shevonne determines that his missing eye is cursed with divination magic, and wishes to take his head for study. Yeekhan agrees after having a minion split Kren’s head with a spear.

We obtain: Yeekhan’s thanks; Kren’s head

We LEVEL UP! To level 8.

We return to Ardev, where we inform Jahee and Valdis about the situation. Valdis is annoyed that he couldn’t take care of it, but Jahee is very thankful. After resting the night in Ardev we set out for the Mourneland by way of Dragonroost.



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