Greywall Mountain Hideout

Mountain Hideout

Type: Military Camp
Population: (Initially) 350 (25% Hobgoblin, 20% Gnoll, 15% Goblin, 15% Dragonborn, 10% Bugbear, 10% Beasts (Wyverns, Hyenas, Wolves), 5% Monstrous Humanoids (Trolls, Giants)

The site from which Warlord Kren launched his raids into the Ardev area. It is a shallow cavern situated along a disused mountain pass. The pass used to be a major passage between Breland and Droaam, but Brelish forces blocked the pass with a massive rockslide during their retreat from modern-day eastern Droaam, to prevent Droaamish forces from advancing further into Breland. It has not been commonly used in the years since.

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- Warlord Kren

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- Raids on Ardev

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Greywall Mountain Hideout

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