Strange Animals
Encounter 1: The Massacre
– Banshrae Dartswarmer x2: Escaped
– Mutated Dire Boar x3: Killed
> Eye tentacles (found on boars)

Encounter 2: The Tree Hideout
– No Enemies
> Pouches full of eye tentacle larvae: burned
> Dust of Arcane Insight (AV p.170)
> Brightleaf x2 (AV p.193)

Raids on Ardev
Encounter 1: The Kettle Farm
– Goblin Cutter x12: Killed
– Goblin Skullcleaver x3: Killed
– Goblin Underboss: Killed
– Wyvern w/ Hobgoblin Archer x3: Killed

Encounter 2: The Back Door
– Dragonborn Solidier x3: Avoided
– Horned Drake x2: Avoided
– Young White Dragon: Avoided

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