Verbally challenged but honorable Gnoll Mercenary


Yeekhan wears patchwork hide armor and has a number of piercings in his long ears, most of them intricate and made of fine gold, while a few are of jade and other precious metals. He has a loose grasp of Common, but is a gifted tactician and has earned the respect of his fellow mercenaries. He is rarely found outside the company of his personal guards, Heyaan and Graah, and their Cacklefiend Hyena mounts.

Yeekhan belongs to the side of gnoll culture known as the Znir Pact, the gnolls of Droaam who swore to band together and gain culture rather than continued allegiance to the demons who once enslaved their race. As such he and his clan are unaligned rather than chaotic evil.


Yeekhan was born into a clan which claimed to be the founders of the Znir Pact, when the gnolls of Droaam shattered the statue of their demon lord creator, pledging to follow a new destiny. Of course Yeekhan’s clan was also one of those ferocious enough to force other gnoll bands to come together in Droaam. Yeekhan was therefore raised with a sense of obligation towards the entire extended “pack,” being the gnolls of Droaam, as well as those specifically under his command. Training as a mercenary he eventually entered service with Kren to be near the border with Breland, and experience humans, both as enemies and trading partners. Heyaan, a packmate from a litter born about the same time, has come with him all the way from their days starting out as mercenaries, and was born to the same clan; Graah, while not a childhood companion, fell in with them during their early mercenary service and has remained at Yeekhan’s side ever since. While not old for a gnoll, Yeekhan is also not young, and has risen to his position as a result of his experience as well as his natural tactical abilities.

Yeekhan flagged down the adventurers as they were pursuing one of Warlord Kren’s Wyverns. He informed them that the commander was not acting rationally and was holding some of his men captive, perhaps against their will. He proposed a two-pronged attack that would pit his Gnoll mercenaries against the bulk of Kren’s forces while the adventurers engaged the Warlord himself.


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