Warlord Kren


Warlord Kren is a thickly-built Dragonborn, a veteran of many battles. His skin is a dark ochre, the color of sand in twilight, and his hair has a slight silvery sheen, as though mica chips are caught in the scales, occasionally glinting. He is also clearly of noble descent, as his plate armor is finely polished, and a royal red cape trails from his shoulders. His right eye is covered by a leather eye-patch; his left eye is a glittering orange color. He wields a vicious-looking Greataxe with no small expertise, and when he speaks, it is with force and authority.


Warlord Kren is clearly behind the raids on Ardev. However, he may serve a more sinister purpose than simple raiding – he has espoused his loyalty to the “Lord of the Blind,” an entity not familiar to the adventurers.

Kren was defeated by the adventurers in a pitched battle within his camp in the Graywall Mountains. When stripped of his armor and clothing it was discovered that beneath his eyepatch, his eye is missing—replaced by a black veiny curse of divination. Kren claimed to be part of the cult of the Blind One, an unknown entity who intends to end the world in a rain of flesh. He revealed no more information, and was turned over to gnoll mercenaries, who killed him. Shevonne d’Cannith retrieved his cursed head for study.

Kren’s past remains shrouded in mystery for now.

Warlord Kren

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