Valdis Lyren

Guard-Captain of the forces defending Ardev


Valdis is a brutal-looking man, with rugged features and a low supply of patience. He wears plate armor that was once ornate, but shows signs of being in several battles. His copper hair is cropped short in a military fashion, but is still thick and with a hint of the curls that would form were he to grow it out. His eyes are dark brown, almost black, but flecked here and there with silver like mica chips, a feature not uncommon in humans from near the Graywall Mountains.


A native of Ardev, Valdis is used to life in western Breland, where the threats of Droaam and the rigors of rural life contrast sharply with the glittering metropolises of Sharn and Wroat, only a few days’ travel away. Valdis believes in service and honor, qualities he seems to feel are sorely lacking in those from central or eastern Breland. He has risen to his position as captain of the Ardev military forces through his devotion to those ideals, and is thus suitably disturbed that these are not enough to beat back the increasing series of raids from the Graywall Mountains. While he is certainly no stranger to battle, Valdis is provincial enough not to trust those with flashier sensibilities, even when he knows they are (probably) better equipped to deal with things; of course he could also be jealous, but he would rather die than admit inadequacy in the face of city-folk…

Valdis is married to Eleanne, a farmer’s daughter from a family nearby his own birthplace. While she has lived in Ardev her entire life, Eleanne does not share her husband’s view on outsiders. Trained in the basics of alchemy, hedge magic and herbal medicine, Eleanne serves as one of the local midwives and small-time healers, and is a voracious reader; her secret desire has always been to go north to the Eldeen Reaches and study with some of the druid-taught herbalists in the towns on the shore of lake Galifar.

Valdis clearly does not trust the adventurers, but was begrudgingly convinced to aid them in defending Ardev. He would still prefer if the adventurers let the guard force handle the situation.

Valdis Lyren

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