Siverys Barktree

Druid met while investigating Eldeen


Siverys looks very much the part of a druid. She is clothed in animal hide and leathers, with spots of fur and a number of pouches that no doubt contain various herbs and ritual components. She carries a hand-carved staff that looks to be made of soarwood.

She has obviously lived away from civilization for some time. Her face is dirty and her hair has many small twigs and leaves tangled up in it.

She speaks in a subdued manner, and usually tries to direct attention with her gestures rather than her words.


Born into a family of elven druids in Greenheart, Siverys has always known her destiny was to serve among the guardians of the Eldeen Reaches. This sacred duty, reaching far back into the past, during and even before the Aundair administration of Eldeen, has called to her since she was a young child. Siverys’ father, Almaeryn, was a Guardian and was involved in the separation from Aundair, when Siverys was still in training deep in the western woods. Her mother, Mintastys, was a crafter of remarkable skill who used her druid powers to shape living wood and cast off animal parts into exceptional items. Siverys’ training progressed well, although she was not blessed with significant talent in any single area, and achieved her full stature and status as a Gatekeeper Druid without standing out. Her father, serving as a Gatekeeper near the Wolfswood in the north, was dutifully proud; her mother, in a rare show of anything other than calm support, gushed with happiness. Siverys was assigned to the southern forests, about 20 miles north of Lake Galifar and the towns of Erlaskar and Sylbaran, deeper into the woods. Her quiet, almost antisocial nature makes her less suitable to interact with humans, although she deals occasionally with the half-elves of House Lyrandar, who operate one of several soarwood logging camps under her jurisdiction. She herself is relieved to be in a fairly “normal” region, as she knows deep down that her talents are not what they need to be to deal with the more dangerous, or more populated regions of the Reaches. Still when faced with the appearance of evil in her woods she does not falter, and if she is inwardly scared or uncertain, only she herself knows of it…

Siverys is 45, still on the young side for an elf and a druid. Her hair is dark, and while unkempt is not unclean; the same goes for the rest of her. She prefers to wear the practical, camouflaged garb of a Gatekeeper Druid, excepting only her badge of office, a piece of magically worked wood containing a still-living epiphytic orchid (a species which determines its color from the individual magical aura of its keeper) growing out of a stylized crest. Her own orchid is a soft lavendar with darker violet spots, symbolizing her calm, quiet nature with hints of depth.

Siverys Barktree

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