Phanuel Level 8 Wizard (Controller) Medium immortal humanoid (Aasimar)

Initiative +11;

Passive Senses Perception 19, Insight 24;

HP 50;

Bloodied 25

Resistance 8 necrotic, 8 Radiant

Healing Surge 12;

Surges Per Day 7

AC 23;

Fortitude 17,

Reflex 21,

Will 23

Speed 6;

Action Points 1

Alignment Good; Languages Common, Primordial, Elven, Supernal, Giant, Draconic

Skills Arcana +16, History +16, Insight +14, Religion +16

Feats Ritual Caster, Battle Intuition (wisdom modifier+2 to initiative), Linguist (+3 languages), Armor proficiency(leather), Implement expertise(orb) (+1 to attacks with orb) , Enlarge Spell (-2 to each dice of damage to increase size or blast or burst by 1)

Str 8 (-1/+3) Dex 10 (+0/+4) Wis 20 (+5/+9) Con 12 (+1/+4) Int 20 (+5/+9) Cha 12 (+1/+5)

Possessions Orb of inevitable continuance, Irrefutable Leather armor, Resplendent Gloves, Arcanist’s glasses, Amulet of Elegy, Spell book, Arcane signet ring, Adventurer’s kit, 200 gp of alchemical reagents.

Racial Traits Astral Majesty (+1 to all defenses against bloodied creatures)

Class Features Orb of imposition (Penalize foes saving throws, or extend the duration of an at will)


Phanuel is an Aasimar, one of a race of beings that possess divine blood within them. Where others of his kind seek to battle against evil, however, Phanuel is more interested in understanding the tangled weave of fate known as the Draconic Prophecy. To this end, he has spent many years studying its many manifestations, and holds particular interest in studying Dragonmarked or otherwise unique individuals. He is always in favor of stopping evil whenever possible, but is driven by a passion for knowledge rather than righteous zeal.

Phanuel has been studying the prophecy for the better part of a human lifetime. He has spent the last few decades in Sharn, studying high up in one of its towers. During that time, he developed close relations with those members of House Sivis who also spend their time studying the prophecy. Though obviously not a member, having no Dragonmark of his own, Phanuel is held in some esteem by that House.

He made another acquaintance in Sharn, though this one was unintentional: the young orphan Maria, who he took under his wing and rechristened Miriel. Phanuel’s motivation for doing so stemmed primarily from the Mark of Shadow she possessed, but he never makes the mistake of ever thinking of the people he studies as anything less than sentient beings. This is doubly true for his primary research subject, who he treats as though she was his own daughter. Miri was a breath of fresh air in the heretofore somewhat stuffy academic life Phanuel had been leading, and woke in him a desire to study the workings of the prophecy in its practical manifestations, and not just its theoretical ones. Thus when the opportunity came up, he jumped at the chance.

Over the course of his studies he has learned much about the history of the dragons of Argonnessen, including their war with and destruction of the Giant empire of Xen’drik. It was this knowledge that led to him being recruited to the the original mission to recover the schema. He has since chosen to stick with the group, finding traveling with them an interesting experience, and a good way to further his investigations into the prophecy’s many workings.

Within the company, he has found a kindred spirit in Shevonne. Her specialty is more the practical applications of magic, while Phanuel is more a theoretician, but they share a common thirst for knowledge and often work together, combining their respective strengths to tackle some problem.

Phanuel is well over 60 years old, but appears little more than 25, the result of the celestial blood flowing through his veins. He is tall, and looks like a handsome human male, though his hair is a blond so white it is almost silver and it glitters in light. He dresses in robes of white and the occasional shimmering color, relying on his magics to hide himself when needed.


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