Shadows, Steel, and a Smile


Miriel Level 8 Rogue (Striker)

Medium natural humanoid (human)

Initiative +9;

Passive Senses Perception 19, Insight 19

HP 57;

Bloodied 28

Healing Surge 14;

Surges Per Day 6 AC 23;

Fortitude 17,

Reflex 24,

Will 20

Speed 6;

Action Points 1

Alignment Good; Languages Common,Elven Background Criminal – +2 to stealth checks.

Skills Acrobatics +16, Bluff +12, Insight +9, Nature +9, Perception +9, Stealth +18, Streetwise +12, Thievery +14

Feats Mark of Shadow (Remain hidden after missed attack,) Backstabber (Sneak attack die increase to d8s), Weapon Expertise(light blade) (Gain bonus to attack rolls with light blades), Slaying action (Deal sneak attack damage again with an action point), Melee training (Dexterity) Warrior of the Wild (ranger multiclass, skill training:Nature, Hunter’s quarry 1/encounter)

Str 10 (+0/+4) Dex 21 (+5/+9) Wis 11 (+0/+4) Con 10 (+0/+4) Int 10 (+0/+4) Cha 17 (+3/+7)

Possessions Graceful Dagger +2, Slick Leather armor +2, Iron armbands of power, Sandals of Precise Stepping, Feinting gloves, Steadfast Amulet +2, Adventurer’s kit, Thieves’ tools, disguise kit, footpads, camouflaged clothing

Racial Traits Bonus feat Bonus skill Bonus at-will Human defense (+1 to defenses)

Class Features First Strike (At encounter start, get combat advantage against foes that haven’t moved yet), Artful dodger (add Cha mod to AC against oppurtunity attacks), Rogue weapon talent (+1 to attacks with daggers), Sneak Attack (once per round, if you have combat advantage over a foe, deal extra 2d8 damage Hunter’s quarry (once per encounter, deal extra 1d6 damage to nearest foe)

Basic Attacks

Graceful Dagger +2 (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon +16 vs. AC; 1d4 +9 damage.

Graceful Dagger +2 (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon Ranged 5/10; +16 vs. AC; 1d4 +7 damage.


Orphaned by the Last War, the young human girl named Maria had a harsh childhood. She grew up on the streets of Sharn, in the sprawling underworld that lies hidden in the shadows of that city’s eponymous towers. Like most poor orphans, she had to steal to survive, and lived for many years as a pickpocket and petty thief. Maria had one trait that set her apart from the many others of her kind, however: she possessed a Dragonmark, specifically an Aberrant Mark of Shadow. The Mark isolated her, and led to a healthy distrust of strangers, but it did provide a useful tool to aid her in her not-actually-chosen profession.

Her fortunes turned one faithful day 8 years ago, when, trying her luck and stretching her Dragonmark’s abilities to the limit,she sneaked high up into one of Sharn’s towers, hoping to find a powerful (and valuable) magical artifact she could sell on the black market. In this she succeeded, but she ran afoul of the traps placed on said artifact, and was captured by the wizard who owned it. Thus would have ended the short career of the street rat Maria, but those who possess Dragonmarks rarely have such simple destinies. No one was more aware of this than the person who had caught her; Phanuel, an Aasimar sage of the Draconic Prophecy.

Motivated both by scholarly curiosity and Aasimar charity, Phanuel offered her a deal. He would not report her to the authorities, and hide her from Houses Phiarlan and Thuranni, in exchange for the opportunity to study her Dragonmark. From there began a relationship that moved from researcher and subject, through teacher and student, and finally to something approaching family. Phanuel gave her a new life and, with it, a new name: Miriel. Only he is allowed to call her that, however. To everyone else, she goes by Miri.

Miri has grown up to be a strong and independent young woman. Her past makes her self reliant and somewhat headstrong, but her rougher edges have been tempered by Phanuel’s gentle molding. His instruction also means she is remarkably well-educated – for a street rat. All of his best efforts, however, have not wiped out all traces of her felonious past. Every once in a while, Miri is found to be in possession of an item which, strictly speaking, does not, in actual point of fact, belong to her. She is not anywhere near a kleptomaniac, but old habits die hard.

She is also still slow to trust others, and prefers to blend into the background where possible. Despite that, she is absolutely and fiercely devoted to Phanuel (although she will never admit it), and will follow him wherever he goes. When Phanuel joined the mission to recover the schema, Miri tagged along as well… without permission. However, she ended up saving the day (or at least part of the day) and eventually became an accepted part of the group. With it she has found the friends and family she never had while growing up.

Apart from Phanuel, she is closest in the group to Shevonne, who shares a room with her on the Marksman. On the face of it, the two could hardly be more different: Shevonne had a privileged childhood, the best education one could have and all the benefits of being born aristocracy. She loves being the center of attention, whereas Miri prefers to blend into the background. Shevonne likes flashy,revealing outfits, Miri prefers drab and unassuming clothing that lets her hide easily. Shevonne takes pride in flaunting her Dragonmark, Miri has good reason to hide hers. Despite, or perhaps because of, these differences, they get along well. Shevonne has never looked down on Miri for her upbringing or her Aberrant Mark, and she, in turn, sees Shevonne’s background more as a source of respect than jealousy. Miri has never had a female figure of admiration to emulate before, and Shevonne has become something like a big sister to her.

Partly as a result of this friendship, she is also close to Arcady. Or, at least, most of Arcady. She is usually his “minder” whenever Shevonne is not around

Miri is 18 years old, of more or less average height and build for a human female. She has ink black shoulder length hair and deep forest-green eyes. She is quite pretty, but does not flaunt it. Her clothing is conservative, partly because she likes to avoid drawing attention, and partly to hide her Dragonmark, which extends across her back and shoulders.


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