Jahee Brahd

Mayor of Ardev


Clothed in regal colors, Jahee looks slightly out of place in Ardev, whose inhabitants are mostly farmers. He is an heavy-set man, clearly accustomed to a life of relative luxury – at least as much as can be found in the relatively small town of Ardev.


Born to low-level aristocracy in Wroat, Jahee always knew he would go into government service. His mildly neurotic mother was also certain, and when arranging for his education she insisted on pushing him above and beyond his peers. Unfortunately for her, her neuroses bred the same in Jahee, rendering him high-strung and not given to good socialization, for all that he can be obsequious enough for a lesser administrator. He was assigned to Ardev as a senior administrative clerk fairly recently, and after winning some measure of basic local trust, was appointed mayor of the town and its surrounding regions.

Jahee is currently clearly stressed by the attacks on the farms under his jurisdiction, and was quite relieved when the adventurers arrived. He is ready to give the adventurers any aid they require in resolving the situation.

Jahee Brahd

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