Arcady (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Zero)

Five brains, one adamantium-plated body.


STR 18 CON 16 DEX 10 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA 11

AC 25 FORT 21 REF 17 WILL 18

HP 67 (BLOOD. 33) 12 Surges/day, Surge Value 16 Speed 5 Pass. Insight 15 Pass. Percept. 15

Melee (Broadsword) +12, Shield (Heavy Shield) Dmg 1d10+6

Weapon = Armblade +2 Armor = Adamantine Plating +2 (Plate) Feet = Spiked Soles Neck = Disk of Energy Resistance Head = Command Circlet


Initially created as one of the prototypes of the Third Genesis Forge in Sharn (the secret House Cannith project overseen by Merrix d’Cannith and his close allies), Arcady was Shevonne’s crowning achievement. Built with help from her brother Arthys, Arcady was intended as a prototype for a multiple-intelligence design where each component could be separated and recombined to perform various tasks in different bodies. As such the experiment was a rousing failure; Arcady’s five component parts (left and right arms, left and right legs and chest) are inseparably fused as a single living being but with five intact intelligences.

ALPHA (Intelligence 1): The left arm (white light), equipped with an attached heavy shield, was designed to be a tactical commander and prime attacker in one. The most “sane” mentality, Alpha is obedient to a fault and a good listener. While he wants to further Shevonne’s goals, his own growing awareness of the world makes him wish for a way to bring his four squabbling “siblings” into harmony. He also wants, when he allows himself to think about it, to learn to become a better leader, not just of his own body but of men-and Warforged-in general.

BETA (Intelligence 2): The right arm (red light), equipped with a powerful adamantium armblade, was designed as a fighter to micromanage battlefield power. While not exactly a berserker the result is an intelligence with lower than average focus for anything other than battle. Beta is sweet, friendly—and loves to fight, being capable of extreme bouts of concentration only when attacking. Beta wishes to be a better fighter, and to fight stronger and stronger opponents, as well as to fight for Shevonne’s honor.

GAMMA (Intelligence 3): The left leg (blue light), Gamma was designed as a backup tactical advisor able to run advanced probability algorithms during a battle. Instead his knowledge of (often scrambled) numbers results in him being sardonic and cowardly by turns. Gamma is probably the most hyper-aware of all the personalities, but also the least predictable due to his propensity to run from battles he feels he is underprepared. Gamma desires to free himself from the parade of numbers that force him to be afraid, and to be able to stride confidently into-or out of-battle as the proud tactician he knows he could and should be.

DELTA (Intelligence 4): The right leg (green light), Delta was designed to be the healing advisor. His programming scrambled during production by Arthys’ accidental uploading of various religious texts, Delta is now a self-proclaimed philosopher-poet with a tendency towards cryptic remarks and meditative states. He’s not particularly bothered by battle but neither is he an overly willing participant. Delta wishes to understand the nature of the universe and to enter into a dialogue with others about their religious views—particularly the Lord of Blades, whom he greatly desires to meet.

ZERO/EPSILON (Intelligence 5): The chest (violet light), Epsilon was meant as support for Alpha. Through talking too much to Arthys and Shevonne during construction, as well as an unfortunate encounter with their younger brother Tyrralt’s programming attempts, Epsilon rapidly developed an inferiority complex which resulted in him rebranding himself “Zero” and deciding his goal would be to subdue the entire world! Of course he’ll be satisfied for now with following Shevonne, provided she leads him to a method he can use to successfully complete his plans…

Arcady is ordinary height for a Warforged but unnaturally slim, a product of new Cannith research. His body, while metallic-looking, has smooth, fairly soft skin and facial features (including a mouth) that resemble a human, as well as metallic silver-gilt hair. His shining eye irises change color depending on which personality is in control (see below); each body part features a colored control light, with a set of five smaller ones on the chest surrounding Zero’s large one. The five flicker as the personalities engage in internal debate. While usually dressed in armor that hides his advanced body, if seen naked or nearly so Arcady would be immediately apparent as a new type of Warforged, one that looks at once more metallic and more organic, almost human-like than his brethren. For this reason he keeps his form generally hidden behind armor or other clothing.

Arcady (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Zero)

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