Darren d'Lyrandar


Darren, much like his good friend Ansel D’Lyrandar, is a hot-headed but capable airship pilot. He has short, fire-red hair and an infectious smile. He wears stylish, expensive clothing that shows off as much of his finely chiseled body as he can possibly manage without risking indecent exposure. He is known as a ladies man, and has an appreciation for beauty – that is, as long as said beauty is receptive to his advances.


Darren and Ansel are good friends, having trained together at House Lyrandar’s prestigious flight-school academy in Stormhome. They have shared many a night of drunken revelry and good old-fashioned destruction of property.

Darren was second only to Ansel in flight ability, and is expecting to be assigned to a brand-new airship as soon as it is completed.

Mission: Darren related news to Ansel about attacks by strange, mutated creatures on House Lyrandar’s soarwood logging facilities in the Eldeen Reaches.

Darren d'Lyrandar

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