Heralee d'Cannith


Heralee D’Cannith is in his late twenties, standing about 5’6” tall with a slight build. He has a flair for colorful and eye-catching clothing, and often wears combinations of brightly colored tunics, robes, and accessories. He is rarely seen without his magically-sensitive monocle. His Dragonmark begins on his right shoulder and encompasses most of his right bicep, but he rarely draws attention to it with his clothing. He is an insatiably curious but strictly professional man – a model member of House Cannith.


Heralee (Second Branch Obtuse) is a second cousin of Shevonne; his mother, Crystan (Second Branch Obtuse) is first cousins with Shevonne’s father Torric, part of the complex geneology of the Second Branch of House Cannith (only one step away from the main line of descent). As the first male in two Obtuse (female-descent) generations, Heralee’s children will spin off their own official branch (the Nineteenth or Twentieth depending on whether he has them before another Cannith cousin elsewhere in Khorvaire). Of course given his preference for men, Heralee will probably not be spinning off a branch of his own anytime soon. Despite their blood relationship, at 32 Heralee is 8 years older than Shevonne, and was long out of Sharn society and working (first in Wroat then in Dragonroost) by the time she was old enough to know him. Therefore their relationship has been one of distant but working acquaintances, and he is not partial to many of her secrets (such as the fact that Arcady is in fact a New Warforged). On the other hand she does not know enough of what he does to adequately gauge how much he does or does not know about Merrix’ plans, a fact that may become problematic…

Heralee is a member of Cannith South (Merrix d’Cannith’s group), and the magistrate of their facilities in Dragonroost. He rose to this position after several years in Wroat, working for the Cannith delegation to the throne of Breland, and as such has both a good grasp of politics and a taste for shocking and vivacious attitudes. Underneath all of it however Heralee has a cunning mind, and like all members of Cannith main branches is an accomplished researcher and crafter in his own right. He may be of assistance if the adventurers discover anything they need researched or analyzed.

Heralee is currently unattached, although rumor has it that he has been spending much time with the House Lyrandar liaison to Dragonroost, Kalysten d’Lyrandar. Of course whether this has to do with personal reasons, a business relationship or even the secret R&D partnership between Cannith South and Lyrandar remains to be seen. Heralee is good friends with Torquist d’Cannith, the un-Dragonmarked business director of Cannith South in Sharn (who is of a similar age and sexuality to him)—and who is also the secret head of the Gore Crows, and a major player in Merrix’ New Warforged initiative. Torquist also has a much-publicized relationship with Siorn d’Lyrandar, and as good friends sometimes share similar “interests” well…Shevonne at least has her theories about Heralee’s personal and professional involvement in Dragonroost.

Mission: Heralee covertly asked Shevonne to explore the ruins of the Genesis Forge in the Mournland.

Heralee d'Cannith

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