Shevonne d'Cannith

Pipe, tools, sex appeal & attitude.


STR 10 CON 14 DEX 8 INT 18 WIS 14 CHA 13

AC 21 FORT 18 REF 19 WILL 18

HP 56 (BLOOD. 28) 9 Surges/day, Surge Value 14 Speed 6 Pass. Insight 15 Pass. Percept. 20

Melee (Force Staff [Pipe]) +5 Implement ([Pipe]) +10 Dmg 1d8+6

Weapon = Force Staff +2 Armor = Addergrease +2 (Leather) Feet = Feyleaf Sandals ([Floaters]) Neck = Cloak of Distortion Head = Goggles of Aura Sight ([Scouter]) Waist = Muleback Harness


Shevonne (24 years old) is the eldest child and daughter of Torric d’Cannith (Second Line Direct) and Yvanne d’Cannith (Ninth Line Obscured), making her Second Line Direct (Cannith count lineage by when a bloodline split from the Prime Line; Direct = father was Dragonmarked, Obscured = mother was Dragonmarked). She has 4 siblings: Arthys (male, 22, Cannith Forgewright in Sharn), Tyrralt (male, 21, d’Cannith Dragonmarked aristocrat in Sharn (see below)), Marlianne (female, 18, Cannith Forgewright-in-training in Sharn) and Yolanna (female, 12, schoolgirl). Raised in Sharn among the d’Cannith aristocracy she attended the best schools and received heavy training before and after her Mark of Making emerged. Her father Torric and mother Yvanne are both head researchers working directly under Baron Merrix d’Cannith (Prime Line Direct), and Shevonne grew up calling Merrix “Uncle.” She had an especially close friendship (as did her siblings) with Merrix’ own children, Kian (male, 26, d’Cannith Dragonmarked aristocrat in Sharn) and Callan (female, 21, Cannith Forgewright in Sharn). At age 21 she was picked by Merrix to be a part of the Gore Crows, his newly-established private secret service, and underwent extensive further training.

The Gore Crows initially consisted of thirteen members: Torquist d’Cannith (male, Sixth Line Obscured aristocrat/Warlord), an un-Dragonmarked member of the House and close confidant of Merrix who operates the group; his lover (and inter-House liaison) Siorn d’Lyrandar (male Half-Elf Sorcerer), the only one who is not openly sworn to Merrix; Torquist’s two New Warforged companions Aura (female Cleric) and Argent (male Rogue); Kian and his New Warforged companion Bataille (male Wizard); Tyrralt and his New Warforged companion Grimbolt (female Barbarian); Livian d’Cannith (female, Eighth Line Direct Artificer) and her New Warforged companion Allanon (male Rogue/Wizard); Altrix d’Cannith (male, Sixth Line Obscured, Rogue); and Shevonne and her New Warforged companion Arcady. After a year and a half of early missions the group was deemed highly successful. However several problems were arising under the surface, namely Kian’s unrequited love for Shevonne, his growing incompetence (and Merrix’ unhappy awareness of his son and supposed heir’s insufficiency) and her brother Tyrralt’s psycopathy, which culminated in his removal of his Warforged Grimbolt’s emotion and sentient processing centers, rendering her merely a highly competent weapon. Things came to a head when Merrix’s ploy to convince the Breland government his New Genesis Forge did not exist, a complicated scenario involving an initially fake sub-group of the House called the Order of the Emerald Claw, backfired once some of those involved decided to defect for real. Merrix called the Gore Crows in to take care of the Order, but a mistake by Kian resulted in failure (as well as the near-death of Altrix, Bataille and Aura).

Shevonne took the heat for Kian’s failure, and was “exiled” from the Gore Crows proper. She and Arcady were sent to complete the mission to eradicate the Order through more mainstream means, hiring a group of adventurers to handle things. This resulted in the current group; however after the initial missions, Shevonne was made aware that her position with the mercenary group was now effectively permanent, and her return to Sharn would be frowned upon in the near future. While Merrix has replaced Kian with his daughter Callan as Heir to his branch of House Cannith, Shevonne has heard very little from her cousin and would-be lover.

In the meantime Shevonne has made it her mission to seek out whatever new technologies and magics she can, especially ones related to Houses Cannith or Lyrandar; she aims to bring knowledge and applied usage of these technologies back to Sharn one day, to prove yet again to her “Uncle” Merrix that she is worth every moment he spent on her education. This gives her a slightly caustic edge, tempered somewhat by her inner aristocrat’s desire to look good, show off and enjoy the finer things in life.

Shevonne is fairly tall for a human woman, with a voluptuous figure and long dirty-blond hair. Her eyes are a clear brownish hazel. She dresses with a mix of revealing fashion and practicality, mixing sheer form-fitting armor and shirts with pocket-filled coats and belts full of arcane implements and potions.

Shevonne d'Cannith

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