Session 6: Roc, Meet Hard Place

Evening day 3 to morning, day 5; Making, the Mournland to Baran’s Keep, Breland, by way of Sharn

We remove the command cores (brains) of the Warforged at Making, and bringing the body of the leader as well, return to the airship. We melt the Titan into slag, and remove the dragonshard powering the Genesis Forge before we go, but do nothing to the hole leading to it. We make way for Sharn, taking all night to get there, and arrive where we contact House Cannith.

We are met at Sharn by Shevonne’s mother, Yvanne, and her youngest sister, Yolanna, as well as Callan d’Cannith, Merrix’ daughter and heir. Callan is immediately whisked off aboard the Marksman by Ansel, who flirts with her and finds his interest returned. Shevonne tells the story of the Mournland adventure to her mother, amidst much sarcastic bantering, and asks her to help Vera delay the envoy to Droaam by another day. Yvanne agrees in return for a private favor, which only Miri, Shevonne and Channa are to know about. Shevonne’s brother Arthys arrives with a team to modify and repair the Marksman (as soon as Ansel and Callan return), outfitting it with frontal and side blades and generally repairing it.

Shevonne and Miri go down to Shevonne’s family’s apartments to look through her things; unfortunately their time is interrupted by Kian d’Cannith, Merrix’ son and Shevonne’s lovelorn nemesis, causing them to flee via a trap door Shevonne installed in her bedroom at age 12. Ansel follows Callan to her lab and sees her current weapon project, a magical laser, before leaving. Phanuel goes to House Sivis to attempt to obtain information on the Blind One, but comes away empty-handed. Then we regroup, and with the information that the envoy’s lightning rail route had “mysteriously” broken and required emergency repairs, delaying him further by a day, we set off for the town of Baran’s Keep.

At Baran’s Keep we meet Baron Colane, who is famous for his menagerie of rare animals, including a pair of breeding Hellhounds. He wants us to capture, alive and unharmed, a Giant Roc that has been sighted in the nearby Howling Peaks. We agree, but Shevonne and Miri go off to talk with his gameskeeper Randyll, who while older and fairly bookish for a gameskeeper certainly knows his stuff from working under Colane. Randyll gives us basic information on the Roc, and then we come up with a plan to capture it using livestock laced with sleeping potion as bait.

Channa gathers herbs which Shevonne makes into a sleeping potion; Arcady locates cattle which Ansel purchases from a local rancher, and then Miri slaughters (not without two misses). We tie one carcass to the ship and, dangling it as bait, approach the Rocs’ lair. One Roc follows us and gorges on the livestock, collapsing into unconsciousness. Miri ties it up, and then we bring it-unharmed-back to the impressed Baron and the incredulous Randyll. The Baron pays us 25,000 gold pieces, and while Shevonne entertains Randyll with stories and exchanging knowledge, the rest of us are feted for our work.

On the next morning we depart for Wroat, to pick up the envoy to Droaam.

the following will be moved to Session 7

We arrive in Wroat a little before the delayed envoy gets there. His name is __, and he is accompanied by a servant, __, and a scribe, ___, a thirteen-year-old girl who seems very shy yet taken with Ansel. They go below decks to rest as we set out for Greywall…



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