Session 3: The Graywall Stratagem

Day 2, Evening to Night; East of the Graywall Mountains, Breland

We engage in a fierce air battle over the farm, but the last rider to survive calls the wyverns to flee.

We follow after, finally killing the last wyvern after a pitched rocking and rolling air battle. We end up near the Graywall Mountains, and end up spotting a narrow crag leading into a high pass into Droaam. The valley is invisible from below. We also spot a group of gnolls on hyenas, frantically waving us down.

We turn back and fly over the gnolls, where Malfel has a conversation with their leader Yeekhan. They work for Warlord Kren, a local power in the Graywall who as of the past week has been ordering raids into Breland. Yeekhan thinks these are completely nonsensical, and employs us to help his force of fifty-odd gnolls rescue their fellows from Kren’s command. We agree (with reservations), and divide our group into two groups: Arcady, Malfel, Miri and Ansel will mount a sneak attack on Kren, while Phanuel and Shevonne support the main gnoll force. Seylath remains with the ship.

Those of us in the sneak attack group disguise ourselves with dirt and smelly fungus to cover all sight and sound traces. We slip over the rocks into the center of Kren’s camp, although Arcady almost gives us away. We find Kren sending his army off to capture the fled gnolls, while preparing to sacrifice captured ones; he claims he serves “the Blind One.” After his army leaves we slip down to engage the warlord.

Kren notices us and summons three henchmen, Stomp, Squish and Belch (two trolls and a drake, respectively). Malfel tries unsuccessfully to bluff our way in, and when this fails Arcady (who is currently controlled by Zero) runs into battle…



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