Session 2 Part B: Fight in the Fields

Day 2, Afternoon to Evening; Ardev, Breland

We take the rest of the day to head across the southern Eldeen Reaches, Lake Galifar and into northwestern Breland. We arrive at Ardev, causing much commotion, and end up hovering over the square outside the town hall.

We descend to meet Jahee Brahd and Valdis Lyren of Ardev. Valdis is not overly happy to see us, but Jahee is overjoyed. He informs us of goblin and hobgoblin attacks on outlying farms. Just then news comes in of another attack outside of Ardev. We rush off to aid the battle.

We arrive to find a force of goblins and hobgoblins attacking a stand of guards and farmers. Arcady, Miri and Malfel descend to help with the attack while Ansel and Shevonne remain on the Marksman. The ground force deals with the attackers while Shevonne (only somewhat successfully) attacks with the magic ballista on the Marksman. Just as we defeat the goblins three more mounted on wyverns arrive…



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