Session 2 Part A: Trouble in the Trees

*Day 2, Morning; Lyrandar Outpost, southern Eldeen Reaches *

After rallying we deal with the boars, but the Banshrae escape through the woods. Shevonne takes a sample of the mutated boars’ eye-tentacles, and Siverys flies off to alert other druids. We proceed deeper into the woods trailing the Banshrae.

We find a gigantic, ancient tree in the midst of the woods. We circle around it to find an area hollowed out, filled with Banshrae nests and featuring a glowing ritual circle. It turns out to be a Ritual of Treestride, meaning the Banshrae are beyond what we could do at the moment. In their nests we find a pouch of writhing worms which match the tentacles in the boars’ eyes; Shevonne takes a sample of these as well.

Siverys finds us and allows us to burn the remaining Banshrae nest materials and worms. We return to the Lyrandar camp and inform them of what we did and did not do, and then set off for Ardev in Breland.



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