Session 1: The Shakedown Cruise

Day 1, Afternoon to Day 2, Evening; Dragonroost, Zilargo

Malfel, Ansel, Shevonne, Phanuel (Selyth, Channa, Arcady, Miri)

We christen the Marksman in Dragonroost (Zilargo)
- has an Arcane Ballista, controlled by a circlet
Raids on farms at the Droamish border
Driving farmers away to pillage
Many outlying farms along the border areas
Farmers have fled to Ardev, which has sent some fighters who have not caught the raiders
Master of Stonejaw keep may be behind raids, or likely

We should find what causes the raids and to defend Breland’s borders

Ansel needs to clear the Soarwood grove of animals in Eldeen Reaches, that Lyrander uses for ships. Mutated animals with strange eyes attacked. Northeast of Greenheart.

We assume they are expecting us in Breland, since the request is from King Boranel. Our first destination is Eldeen, for the soarwood.

We arrive at the site and the workers appear to be trying to pack up the equipment. Elves or half-elves are there, and look normal. Frantic bundling up of cargo and equipment. Yesterday 30 workers killed by gigantic wolves/bears, but missing eyes.

Exploring the site we find a lot of dead bodies missing their eyes. A figure walks among them, inspecting them and closing their eyelieds. Her name is Siverys Barktree, an elven gatekeeper of Eldeen.

We then get attacked by three strange giant boars with tentacles for eyes, along with two fey (banshrae) with nasty blowguns that slow us down with poison.



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