Session 6: Roc, Meet Hard Place

Evening day 3 to morning, day 5; Making, the Mournland to Baran’s Keep, Breland, by way of Sharn

We remove the command cores (brains) of the Warforged at Making, and bringing the body of the leader as well, return to the airship. We melt the Titan into slag, and remove the dragonshard powering the Genesis Forge before we go, but do nothing to the hole leading to it. We make way for Sharn, taking all night to get there, and arrive where we contact House Cannith.

We are met at Sharn by Shevonne’s mother, Yvanne, and her youngest sister, Yolanna, as well as Callan d’Cannith, Merrix’ daughter and heir. Callan is immediately whisked off aboard the Marksman by Ansel, who flirts with her and finds his interest returned. Shevonne tells the story of the Mournland adventure to her mother, amidst much sarcastic bantering, and asks her to help Vera delay the envoy to Droaam by another day. Yvanne agrees in return for a private favor, which only Miri, Shevonne and Channa are to know about. Shevonne’s brother Arthys arrives with a team to modify and repair the Marksman (as soon as Ansel and Callan return), outfitting it with frontal and side blades and generally repairing it.

Shevonne and Miri go down to Shevonne’s family’s apartments to look through her things; unfortunately their time is interrupted by Kian d’Cannith, Merrix’ son and Shevonne’s lovelorn nemesis, causing them to flee via a trap door Shevonne installed in her bedroom at age 12. Ansel follows Callan to her lab and sees her current weapon project, a magical laser, before leaving. Phanuel goes to House Sivis to attempt to obtain information on the Blind One, but comes away empty-handed. Then we regroup, and with the information that the envoy’s lightning rail route had “mysteriously” broken and required emergency repairs, delaying him further by a day, we set off for the town of Baran’s Keep.

At Baran’s Keep we meet Baron Colane, who is famous for his menagerie of rare animals, including a pair of breeding Hellhounds. He wants us to capture, alive and unharmed, a Giant Roc that has been sighted in the nearby Howling Peaks. We agree, but Shevonne and Miri go off to talk with his gameskeeper Randyll, who while older and fairly bookish for a gameskeeper certainly knows his stuff from working under Colane. Randyll gives us basic information on the Roc, and then we come up with a plan to capture it using livestock laced with sleeping potion as bait.

Channa gathers herbs which Shevonne makes into a sleeping potion; Arcady locates cattle which Ansel purchases from a local rancher, and then Miri slaughters (not without two misses). We tie one carcass to the ship and, dangling it as bait, approach the Rocs’ lair. One Roc follows us and gorges on the livestock, collapsing into unconsciousness. Miri ties it up, and then we bring it-unharmed-back to the impressed Baron and the incredulous Randyll. The Baron pays us 25,000 gold pieces, and while Shevonne entertains Randyll with stories and exchanging knowledge, the rest of us are feted for our work.

On the next morning we depart for Wroat, to pick up the envoy to Droaam.

the following will be moved to Session 7

We arrive in Wroat a little before the delayed envoy gets there. His name is __, and he is accompanied by a servant, __, and a scribe, ___, a thirteen-year-old girl who seems very shy yet taken with Ansel. They go below decks to rest as we set out for Greywall…

Session 5: The Glass Plateau

Day 3, morning to afternoon; Dragonroost, Zilargo to Making, the Mourneland

While getting repairs and provisions at Dragonroost, we are contacted again by Vera, bearing thanks for the Ardev situation and three new missions. The first, contracted by the government of Breland, is to escort an envoy to Droaam from Wroat to Greywall. The second, contracted by House Tharask, is to fly in and aid their mines in the Byeshk Mountains in the north of Droaam. The third, contracted independently by Baron Colane of Baran’s Keep in Breland, is to aid him in adding a rare animal to his menagerie. While everyone wants to head off to Baran’s Keep immediately, Shevonne is worried about not following through on her House’s errand to the Mournland. Shevonne goes and consults Heralee d’Cannith, who informs her that the errand is indeed urgent. Apparently the first Genesis Forge at Making, in the heart of the Glass Plateau, has been dug out by someone or something. Annoyed but troubled, Shevonne returns and persuades the group to go to the Mournland next.

Arriving at the Glass Plateau we are at first confused as to how to locate Making, buried under half a mile of solid glass, but then Ansel blows away the magical mist and allows Miri, Malfel and Shevonne to locate the city. A hole has been chipped away into the glass, revealing a tunnel into the caves below Making. Several machines around the outside reveal Warforged must be behind this; their glass-cutting blades are left behind, which Arcady and Ansel load up on the ship to be used later. Channa, Shevonne, Miri and Malfel descend the slick tunnel and eventually arrives at a construction bay deep under Making. A Warforged Titan, almost complete, is being produced by another Warforged; four more guard the entrance, along with an automaton. We take out the Warforged running the machine before the Titan is completed, and then fight a long battle against the others, eventually killing all but two of the lesser Warforged, who flee up the tunnel…

Session 4: Trolling Kren

Day 2, Night; Greywall Mountains, Breland

Arcady continues to attack Warlord Kren, and is surrounded by Kren’s two troll minions and his firebreathing drake pet. Malfel, Ansel and Miri rush into the fray, and with some trouble we manage to subdue Kren. The trolls, who turn out to have magical fire resistance, are a bit harder to deal with, but we manage to kill them, and then finally the drake, although it drives us nearly to collapse. As trophies (and artifice ingredients) we skin the trolls and the drake of their fire-resistant hides, and strip an unconscious Kren of his armor. We notice that under his eye patch, one of his eyes is gone, replaced by a mess of black veins.

We obtain: two fire-resistant Troll hides; one very fire-resistant Drake hide; one Steadfast Amulet +2 (goes to Miri); one set Black Iron Armor +2 (goes to Arcady); one Tyrant’s Greataxe +3 (enchantment goes to Arcady; greataxe remains unused); one pair Sandals of Precise Step; one Cloak of Survival (goes to Channa?); three Scrolls of Fire Patch (go to Shevonne and Phanuel to make bombs); 8,000 gp (ANYTHING ELSE?)

We free the gnolls Kren had tied up. One of them, a good speaker of Common named Heehan, thanks us profusely and helps us scour the tents for more treasures (see list above). We then heal up and take the unconscious Kren off towards the sounds of battle.

We find the rest of our group, along with Yeekhan’s gnoll army, victorious. Kren’s forces defeated, Yeekhan desires to kill his former employer; we agree, but first attempt to interrogate him. He reveals some information about the Blind One, which triggers Phanuel’s memories of a cult that terrorized Breland several hundred years ago. The Blind One they worship was never discovered, and does not appear to map onto any currently known member of Eberron’s pantheon. They did hunt down eyes, as well as mutilate or remove their own for extra powers. Kren threatens that the world will end with a rain of flesh, but other than that gives us no further information. Shevonne determines that his missing eye is cursed with divination magic, and wishes to take his head for study. Yeekhan agrees after having a minion split Kren’s head with a spear.

We obtain: Yeekhan’s thanks; Kren’s head

We LEVEL UP! To level 8.

We return to Ardev, where we inform Jahee and Valdis about the situation. Valdis is annoyed that he couldn’t take care of it, but Jahee is very thankful. After resting the night in Ardev we set out for the Mourneland by way of Dragonroost.

Session 3: The Graywall Stratagem

Day 2, Evening to Night; East of the Graywall Mountains, Breland

We engage in a fierce air battle over the farm, but the last rider to survive calls the wyverns to flee.

We follow after, finally killing the last wyvern after a pitched rocking and rolling air battle. We end up near the Graywall Mountains, and end up spotting a narrow crag leading into a high pass into Droaam. The valley is invisible from below. We also spot a group of gnolls on hyenas, frantically waving us down.

We turn back and fly over the gnolls, where Malfel has a conversation with their leader Yeekhan. They work for Warlord Kren, a local power in the Graywall who as of the past week has been ordering raids into Breland. Yeekhan thinks these are completely nonsensical, and employs us to help his force of fifty-odd gnolls rescue their fellows from Kren’s command. We agree (with reservations), and divide our group into two groups: Arcady, Malfel, Miri and Ansel will mount a sneak attack on Kren, while Phanuel and Shevonne support the main gnoll force. Seylath remains with the ship.

Those of us in the sneak attack group disguise ourselves with dirt and smelly fungus to cover all sight and sound traces. We slip over the rocks into the center of Kren’s camp, although Arcady almost gives us away. We find Kren sending his army off to capture the fled gnolls, while preparing to sacrifice captured ones; he claims he serves “the Blind One.” After his army leaves we slip down to engage the warlord.

Kren notices us and summons three henchmen, Stomp, Squish and Belch (two trolls and a drake, respectively). Malfel tries unsuccessfully to bluff our way in, and when this fails Arcady (who is currently controlled by Zero) runs into battle…

Session 2 Part B: Fight in the Fields

Day 2, Afternoon to Evening; Ardev, Breland

We take the rest of the day to head across the southern Eldeen Reaches, Lake Galifar and into northwestern Breland. We arrive at Ardev, causing much commotion, and end up hovering over the square outside the town hall.

We descend to meet Jahee Brahd and Valdis Lyren of Ardev. Valdis is not overly happy to see us, but Jahee is overjoyed. He informs us of goblin and hobgoblin attacks on outlying farms. Just then news comes in of another attack outside of Ardev. We rush off to aid the battle.

We arrive to find a force of goblins and hobgoblins attacking a stand of guards and farmers. Arcady, Miri and Malfel descend to help with the attack while Ansel and Shevonne remain on the Marksman. The ground force deals with the attackers while Shevonne (only somewhat successfully) attacks with the magic ballista on the Marksman. Just as we defeat the goblins three more mounted on wyverns arrive…

Session 2 Part A: Trouble in the Trees

*Day 2, Morning; Lyrandar Outpost, southern Eldeen Reaches *

After rallying we deal with the boars, but the Banshrae escape through the woods. Shevonne takes a sample of the mutated boars’ eye-tentacles, and Siverys flies off to alert other druids. We proceed deeper into the woods trailing the Banshrae.

We find a gigantic, ancient tree in the midst of the woods. We circle around it to find an area hollowed out, filled with Banshrae nests and featuring a glowing ritual circle. It turns out to be a Ritual of Treestride, meaning the Banshrae are beyond what we could do at the moment. In their nests we find a pouch of writhing worms which match the tentacles in the boars’ eyes; Shevonne takes a sample of these as well.

Siverys finds us and allows us to burn the remaining Banshrae nest materials and worms. We return to the Lyrandar camp and inform them of what we did and did not do, and then set off for Ardev in Breland.

Session 1: The Shakedown Cruise

Day 1, Afternoon to Day 2, Evening; Dragonroost, Zilargo

Malfel, Ansel, Shevonne, Phanuel (Selyth, Channa, Arcady, Miri)

We christen the Marksman in Dragonroost (Zilargo)
- has an Arcane Ballista, controlled by a circlet
Raids on farms at the Droamish border
Driving farmers away to pillage
Many outlying farms along the border areas
Farmers have fled to Ardev, which has sent some fighters who have not caught the raiders
Master of Stonejaw keep may be behind raids, or likely

We should find what causes the raids and to defend Breland’s borders

Ansel needs to clear the Soarwood grove of animals in Eldeen Reaches, that Lyrander uses for ships. Mutated animals with strange eyes attacked. Northeast of Greenheart.

We assume they are expecting us in Breland, since the request is from King Boranel. Our first destination is Eldeen, for the soarwood.

We arrive at the site and the workers appear to be trying to pack up the equipment. Elves or half-elves are there, and look normal. Frantic bundling up of cargo and equipment. Yesterday 30 workers killed by gigantic wolves/bears, but missing eyes.

Exploring the site we find a lot of dead bodies missing their eyes. A figure walks among them, inspecting them and closing their eyelieds. Her name is Siverys Barktree, an elven gatekeeper of Eldeen.

We then get attacked by three strange giant boars with tentacles for eyes, along with two fey (banshrae) with nasty blowguns that slow us down with poison.

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